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We Are Dedicated to Providing

Cost Effective Solutions

We understand that maintaining a reliable IT system is essential for the success of your business, and we are proud to be your partner in ensuring that your IT systems remain up-to-date and secure.

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We Are Dedicated To Providing

Cost Effective Solutions

We understand that maintaining a reliable IT system is essential for the success of your business, and we are proud to be your partner in ensuring that your IT systems remain up-to-date and secure.

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IT Managed Services

We offer an affordable monthly service for all of your hardware, software and user support, 24/7.

Prescheduled Onsite Visits

DNA Solutions provides businesses with the necessary support and assistance in order to ensure the smooth operation of their IT infrastructure.

IT Helpdesk Solutions

DNA Solutions provide an invaluable service to businesses by providing technical assistance to end users. This service is typically provided over the phone, via email, or through a ticketing system. Helpdesk solutions are designed to quickly diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve technical issues.

Project Implementation

An effective implementation strategy begins with an assessment of the current IT environment and identification of the project resources. After establishing a timeline and budget, the project manager should create a plan that outlines the activities and tasks required for a successful implementation.

Cloud Services

Our DEV Team is comprised of skilled Developers that can build local, cloud, and mobile applications, to streamline and automate your business process.

Increase Efficiency

Businesses can use cloud-based services to quickly store and share files, allowing teams to access data and collaborate seamlessly. Additionally, cloud-based services are cost-effective, allowing businesses to save on hardware and software costs. By leveraging cloud-based services, businesses can reduce downtime, increase productivity, and eliminate the need for complex infrastructure.

Reduce Costs

Cloud Services reduce costs by allowing organizations to store data and applications on remote servers. This eliminates the need for costly hardware and infrastructure investment, which in turn reduces the operational costs for businesses.

Enhanced Security

Cloud services can reduce the risk of a data breach by encrypting the data stored and accessed on the cloud. Additionally, cloud services offer multi-factor authentication to further protect against unauthorized access and provide an additional level of security.

Cabling & Infrastructure

Whether you need an IT Closet clean-out or help extending network infrastructure to unserved areas of a building, we can help.  Our professionals will make your infrastructure easy to manage and expand.

Structured Cabling Systems

At DNA Solutions, we provide reliable cabling and hardware solutions to connect various devices and systems within your business, such as servers, workstations, routers, switches, and other network devices. Our structured cabling systems are designed to ensure that data flows efficiently and securely across your network, helping your business to operate seamlessly and without interruption. With our expertise and experience in the IT industry, DNA Solutions is your go-to partner for all your structured cabling needs.

Data Centers

At DNA Solutions, we understand the importance of secure and reliable data storage and management for businesses. That’s why we provide state-of-the-art data center facilities that are equipped with the latest servers, storage devices, and networking hardware. Our data centers are designed to provide a secure and reliable environment for data storage and management, ensuring that your data is safe and easily accessible when you need it. With our commitment to quality and security, DNA Solutions is your ideal partner for all your data center needs.

Wireless Networks

At DNA Solutions, we provide top-notch hardware and software solutions for the creation and management of wireless networks. Our wireless networking systems allow devices to connect to a network without the hassle of cables, providing users with greater mobility and flexibility.

We understand that a reliable and efficient wireless network is crucial to the success of any modern business. That’s why we use the latest technology and industry best practices to design and install wireless networking systems that are fast, secure, and tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. With our expertise and commitment to quality, DNA Solutions is your ideal partner for all your wireless networking needs.

Network Security

We understand the importance of network security and protecting your business from unauthorized access. That’s why we provide top-quality hardware and software solutions for securing your network. Our network security solutions are designed to provide your business with the highest level of protection against various threats, including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and virtual private networks (VPNs). With our cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, DNA Solutions can help you safeguard your network, ensuring the safety of your sensitive information and data. 

Power Distribution & Backup

We understand the importance of uninterrupted power supply to your network infrastructure. That’s why we provide top-quality power management systems to ensure that your network operates seamlessly even in the event of a power outage. Our power management systems include uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, backup generators, and other advanced power management solutions to provide your business with a reliable and consistent power source. With our cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, DNA Solutions can help you design and implement a power management system that meets the unique needs of your business.

VOIP Services

DNA Solutions VOIP is an effective business communications solution that integrates voice and data networks, enabling organizations to reduce their overall telecommunications costs.

Enhanced Security

VoIP also supports authentication protocols to ensure that the users are who they say they are. This is a key security feature that helps to protect against malicious attacks and unauthorized access.

Greater Scalability

VOIP systems are easily adapted to fit the size of your business, and can be expanded as needed with minimal effort. This scalability makes it easy to add new lines or features, such as voicemail, conference calling, and video conferencing, without requiring any additional hardware or software.

Improved Call Quality

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Staffing Services

DNA Solutions provides organizations with access to skilled and experienced technology professionals who can help meet their evolving IT needs. Whether it’s filling a temporary gap in staffing, augmenting an existing team, or building a new IT department from scratch, our Staffing Services offer organizations the flexibility to respond quickly to changing business requirements.

Access to Skilled & Experienced Professionals

Our staffing services offer organizations access to a pool of technology professionals with the skills and experience needed to meet their specific requirements. This can help organizations avoid the time and expense of finding, recruiting, and hiring employees on their own.

Flexibility to Meet Evolving Needs

Our staffing services offer organizations the flexibility to respond quickly to changing business requirements by providing access to technology professionals on a project, contract, or permanent basis.

Improved Time-to-Market

By quickly filling gaps in staffing, our staffing services can help organizations speed up project delivery and improve time-to-market, enabling them to respond to market opportunities more quickly and effectively.

Data Backup
& Disaster Recovery

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery are critical components of an organization’s overall business continuity strategy. DNA Solutions will ensure that important data and systems are protected in the event of an unexpected outage or disaster. By regularly backing up data, DNA Solutions can quickly restore lost information, minimizing downtime and avoiding potential data loss.

Regular Backups

Regular, automated backups of critical data and systems should be performed to minimize the risk of data loss and ensure that backups are available in the event of a disaster.

Offsite Storage

Backups should be stored offsite, either in the cloud or at a remote location, to ensure that they are not lost or damaged in the same event that caused the original data loss.

Testing and Validation

Regular testing and validation of backups is necessary to ensure that they are complete, accurate, and can be successfully restored in a disaster recovery scenario. This can help avoid costly downtime and ensure that critical data is not lost.

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